` Antibodies: A Laboratory Manual, Second edition

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Antibodies: A Laboratory Manual, Second edition

Subject Area(s):  BiotechnologyMolecular BiologyBiochemistryLaboratory Techniques

Edited by Edward A. Greenfield, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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© 2014 • 847 pp., illus. (32 4C, 103 B&W), index
Paperback • $175 (click here to price in UK Pounds)
ISBN  978-1-936113-81-1

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The now classic lab manual Antibodies, by Harlow and Lane, has been revised, extended, and updated by Edward Greenfield of the Dana-Farber Cancer Center, with contributions from other leaders in the field. This second edition of the manual is an essential resource for molecular biology, immunology, and cell culture labs on all matters relating to antibodies. The chapters on hybridomas and monoclonal antibodies have been recast with extensive new information and there are additional chapters on characterizing antibodies, antibody engineering, and flow cytometry. As in the original book, the emphasis in this second edition is on providing clear and authoritative protocols with sufficient background information and troubleshooting advice for the novice as well as the experienced investigator.


1 Antibody Production by the Immune System
Stefanie Sarantopoulos
2 The Antibody Molecule
Stefanie Sarantopoulos
3 Antibody-Antigen Interactions
Stefanie Sarantopoulos
4 Antibody Responses
Stefanie Sarantopoulos
5 Selecting the Antigen
Edward A. Greenfield, James DeCaprio, and Mohan Brahmandam
6 Immunizing Animals
Edward A. Greenfield
7 Generating Monoclonal Antibodies
Edward A. Greenfield
8 Growing Hybridomas
Edward A. Greenfield
9 Characterizing Antibodies
Frances Weis-Garcia and Robert H. Carnahan
10 Antibody Purification and Storage
Jordan B. Fishman and Eric A. Berg
11 Engineering Antibodies
James Dasch and Amy Dasch
12 Labeling Antibodies
Eric A. Berg and Jordan B. Fishman
13 Immunoblotting
Larisa Litovchick
14 Immunoprecipiation
James DeCaprio and Thomas O. Kohl
15 Immunoassays
Thomas O. Kohl and Carl A. Ascoli
16 Cell Staining
Scott J. Rodig
17 Antibody Screening using High Throughput Flow Cytometry
Thomas D.l. Duensing and Susan R. Watson
Appendix I: Electrophoresis
Appendix II: Protein Techniques
Appendix III: General Information
Appendix IV: Bacterial Expression
Appendix V: Cautions
More information is available about Antibodies at a preview site for the book: http://antibodiesmanual.org/.

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