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The PTEN Family

Book Series:  A Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine Collection
Subject Area(s):  Cell BiologyCancer Biology

Edited by Charis Eng, Genomic Medicine Institute, Lerner Research Institute; Joanne Ngeow, National Cancer Centre Singapore; Vuk Stambolic, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, UHN

Due January 2020 • 275 pages (approx.), illustrated, index
Hardcover • $135 94.50
ISBN  978-1-621823-44-5
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PTEN is an important cellular enzyme that is frequently mutated in cancer. In normal cells, it downregulates signaling though the PI3-kinase pathway that controls cell proliferation. When PTEN is mutated, the PI3 pathway becomes overactive, which can contribute to cancer. This volume examines advances in our understanding of the functions of the PTEN protein, is regulation, and how loss of PTEN can promote the development and progression of different cancers.


PTEN discovery, basic genetics
Ramon Parsons
Section 1: Structure and Function
Structure: Structural Mechanisms of PTEN Regulation
Glenn R. Masson and Roger L. Williams
PTEN phosphatase activity, lipid, protein
Bangyan Stiles
Biophysics: Structure with emphasis on the dimerization of PTEN
Arne Gericke and Alonzo A. Ross
PTEN visualization, localization: Visualization of PTEN conformation changes and implications for disease
Mark Scott
The Impact of Genetic Variants on PTEN Molecular Functions and Cellular Phenotypes
Nicholas Hasle, Kenneth A. Matreyek, and Douglas M. Fowler
Section 2: Regulation
PTEN nuclear functions
Vuk Stambolic
The Complex Landscape of Post-Transcriptional PTEN Regulation
Erin Sellars, Martino Gabra, and Leonardo Salmena
PTEN mouse models of cancer development and progression
Pier Paolo Pandolfi
PTEN in Regulating Hematopoiesis and Leukemogenesis
Yilin Wu, Haichuan Zhu, and Hong Wu
Section 3: Signaling pathways
PTEN, chromosomes, mitosis: Role of PTEN in mitosis and chromosome stability
Wen Shen
PTEN and Endocytosis
Matthew Lee and Lloyd Trotman
PTEN in Chromatin Remodeling
Jingyi Yang and Yuxin Yin
Section 4: PTEN and Human Disease
Human cancer—inherited and sporadic—overview and review of PHTS and PTEN role in sporadic cancers
Joanne Ngeow and Charis Eng
PTEN in the Stroma
Mike Ostrowski and Gustavo Leone
Intracellular localization and its functions of PTEN
Miho Iijima and Takashi Kato
Autism Spectrum Disorder Associated with Germline Heterozygous PTEN Mutations
Thomas W. Frazier
ASD—mouse models
Damon Page
PTEN in Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Sebastian Rademacher and Britta J. Eickholt
Metabolic Role of PTEN in Insulin Signaling and Resistance
Yu Zhe Li, Antonio di Cristofano, and Minna Woo
The Role of PTEN in Innate and Adaptive Immunity
Henry Taylor, Arian Laurence, and Holm H. Uhlig
PTEN diagnostics: A systems pathology approach
Deborah Marsh
Precise immunodetection of PTEN protein in human neoplasia
Rafael Pulido, Janire Mingo, Ayman Gaafar, Caroline E. Nunes-Xavier, Sandra Luna, Leire Torices, Javier C. Angulo, and José I. López