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Edited By Timothy W. Nilsen, Editor-in-Chief, Case Western Reserve University; Thomas R. Cech, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; David Engelke, University of Michigan; Eric Westhof, CNRS Strasbourg; Marvin Wickens, University of Wisconsin

Online Features: Internet edition – RNA Online at Stanford University Libraries' HighWire Press

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© 2024 • ISSN 1355-8382; Volume 30; includes full online access.
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(Published by CSHL Press for The RNA Society)
January - December 2024, 12 monthly issues
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RNA, the publication of the RNA Society, publishes high quality research papers that provide significant new insight into any area of RNA biology, including molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, genetics and evolution. RNA publishes two research formats, articles and short reports. In addition, the journal publishes novel methodologies, reviews and perspectives. RNA provides a unique resource to all members of the RNA community and those that wish to keep abreast of this quickly moving area.


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