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Molecular Approaches to Controlling Cancer

(Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology LXX)

Book Series:  Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology
Subject Area(s):  Cell BiologyHuman Biology and DiseaseCancer Biology

Edited by Bruce Stillman, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; David Stewart, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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© 2005 • 538 pp., illus., index

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The 2005 Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quantitative Biology focused on molecular strategies aimed at understanding and controlling the cancerous state. The resulting volume, with contributions from the world's leading laboratories, covers many aspects of cancer genetics, including DNA repair, telomeres, animal models, stem cells, and therapeutic approaches.


Symposium Participants

Cancer Genetics and Genomes
Oncogenes Come of Age
H. Varmus, W. Pao, K. Politi, K. Podsypanina, and Y.–C.N. Du
Common and Contrasting Genomic Profiles among the Major Human Lung Cancer Subtypes
G. Tonon, C. Brennan, A. Protopopov, G. Maulik, B. Feng, Y. Zhang, D.B. Khatry, M.J. You, A.J. Aguirre, E.S. Martin, Z. Yang, H. Ji, L. Chin, K.–K. Wong, and R.A. DePinho
“Lineage Addiction” in Human Cancer: Lessons from Integrated Genomics
L.A. Garraway, B.A. Weir, X. Zhao, H. Widlund, R. Beroukhim, A. Berger, D. Rimm, M.A. Rubin, D.E. Fisher, M.L. Meyerson, and W.R. Sellers
Polygenic Inherited Predisposition to Breast Cancer
B.A.J. Ponder, A. Antoniou, A. Dunning, D.F. Easton, and P.D.P. Pharoah
Somatic Mutations in Human Cancer: Insights from Resequencing the Protein Kinase Gene Family
P.A. Futreal, R. Wooster, and M.R. Stratton
High–Resolution ROMA CGH and FISH Analysis of Aneuploid and Diploid Breast Tumors
J. Hicks, L. Muthuswamy, A. Krasnitz, N. Navin, M. Riggs, V. Grubor, D. Esposito, J. Alexander, J. Troge, M. Wigler, S. Maner, P. Lundin, and A. Zetterberg
Ductal Pancreatic Cancer in Humans and Mice
D.A. Tuveson and S.R. Hingorani
Detection of Oncogenic Mutations in the EGFR Gene in Lung Adenocarcinoma with Differential Sensitivity to EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors
R.K. Thomas, H. Greulich, Y. Yuza, J.C. Lee, T. Tengs, W. Feng, T.–H. Chen, E. Nickerson, J. Simons, M. Egholm, J.M. Rothberg, W.R. Sellers, and M.L. Meyerson
Two Decades of Cancer Genetics: From Specificity to Pleiotropic Networks
S. Grisendi and P.P. Pandolfi

DNA Damage Response
Abnormalities of the Inactive X Chromosome Are a Common Feature of BRCA1 Mutant and Sporadic Basal–like Breast Cancer
S. Ganesan, A.L. Richardson, Z.C. Wang, J.D. Iglehart, A. Miron, J. Feunteun, D. Silver, and D.M. Livingston
The ATM–dependent DNA Damage Signaling Pathway
R. Kitagawa and M.B. Kastan
Single–Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the p53 Pathway
S.L. Harris, G. Gil, W. Hu, H. Robins, E. Bond, K. Hirshfield, Z. Feng, X. Yu, A.K. Teresky, G. Bond, and A.J. Levine
Transcriptional Regulation by p53 and p73
M. Lokshin, T. Tanaka, and C. Prives
p53–Dependent and –Independent Functions of the Arf Tumor Suppressor
C.J. Sherr, D. Bertwistle, W. den Besten, M.–L. Kuo, M. Sugimoto, K. Tago, R.T. Williams, F. Zindy, and M.F. Roussel
Exploiting the DNA Repair Defect in BRCA Mutant Cells in the Design of New Therapeutic Strategies for Cancer
A.N.J. Tutt, C.J. Lord, N. McCabe, H. Farmer, N. Turner, N.M. Martin, S.P. Jackson, G.C.M. Smith, and A. Ashworth

Cancer Biology and Stem Cells
Identifying Site–specific Metastasis Genes and Functions
G.P. Gupta, A.J. Minn, Y. Kang, P.M. Siegel, I. Serganova, C. Cordón–Cardo, A.B. Olshen, W.L. Gerald, and J. Massagué
The von Hippel–Lindau Tumor Suppressor Protein: Roles in Cancer and Oxygen Sensing
W.G. Kaelin, Jr.
The Src Substrate Tks5, Podosomes (Invadopodia), and Cancer Cell Invasion
S.A. Courtneidge, E.F. Azucena, Jr., I. Pass, D.F. Seals, and L. Tesfay
Modeling Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Tumors in the Mouse for Therapeutic Intervention
L.F. Parada, C.–H. Kwon, and Y. Zhu
Stem Cell Self–Renewal and Cancer Cell Proliferation Are Regulated by Common Networks That Balance the Activation of Proto–oncogenes and Tumor Suppressors
R. Pardal, A.V. Molofsky, S. He, and S.J. Morrison
Prostate Stem Cells and Prostate Cancer
D.A. Lawson, L. Xin, R. Lukacs, Q. Xu, D. Cheng, and O.N. Witte

Telomeres, Senescence, and Aging
Telomere–related Genome Instability in Cancer
T. de Lange
Telomerase and Cancer Stem Cells
M. Armanios and C.W. Greider
Regulation of Telomerase by Human Papillomaviruses
D.A. Galloway, L.C. Gewin, H. Myers, W. Luo, C. Grandori, R.A. Katzenellenbogen, and J.K. McDougall

Animal Models for Cancer
Genomic Progression in Mouse Models for Liver Tumors
A.D. Tward, K.D. Jones, S. Yant, M.A. Kay, R. Wang, and J.M. Bishop
Genotype–Phenotype Relationships in a Mouse Model for Human Small–Cell Lung Cancer
J. Calbó, R. Meuwissen, E. van Montfort, O. van Tellingen, and A. Berns
Cell Cycle and Cancer: Genetic Analysis of the Role of Cyclin–dependent Kinases
M. Barbacid, S. Ortega, R. Sotillo, J. Odajima, A. Martín, D. Santamaría, P. Dubus, and M. Malumbres
Mouse Models of Human Non–Small–Cell Lung Cancer: Raising the Bar
C.F.B. Kim, E.L. Jackson, D.G. Kirsch, J. Grimm, A.T. Shaw, K. Lane, J. Kissil, K.P. Olive, A. Sweet–Cordero, R. Weissleder, and T. Jacks
Generation and Analysis of Genetically Defined Liver Carcinomas Derived from Bipotential Liver Progenitors
L. Zender, W. Xue, C. Cordón–Cardo, G.J. Hannon, R. Lucito, S. Powers, P. Flemming, M.S. Spector, and S.W. Lowe
Oncogene–dependent Tumor Suppression: Using the Dark Side of the Force for Cancer Therapy
G.I. Evan, M. Christophorou, E.A. Lawlor, I. Ringshausen, J. Prescott, T. Dansen, A. Finch, C. Martins, and D. Murphy
Chromosomal Translocation Engineering to Recapitulate Primary Events of Human Cancer
A. Forster, R. Pannell, L. Drynan, F. Cano, N. Chan, R. Codrington, A. Daser, N. Lobato, M. Metzler, C.–H. Nam, S. Rodriguez, T. Tanaka, and T. Rabbitts
Deciphering Cancer Complexities in Genetically Engineered Mice
K. Simin, R. Hill, Y. Song, Q. Zhang, R. Bash, R.D. Cardiff, C. Yin, A. Xiao, K. McCarthy, and T. Van Dyke

Gene Expression and Cancer
The Evolving Portrait of Cancer Metastasis
P.B. Gupta, S. Mani, J. Yang, K. Hartwell, and R.A. Weinberg
Genomic Binding and Transcriptional Regulation by the Drosophila Myc and Mnt Transcription Factors
A. Orian, S.S. Grewal, P.S. Knoepfler, B.A. Edgar, S.M. Parkhurst, and R.N. Eisenman
Regulation of the Arf/p53 Tumor Surveillance Network by E2F
P.J. Iaquinta, A. Aslanian, and J.A. Lees
Genetic and Epigenetic Changes in Mammary Epithelial Cells Identify a Subpopulation of Cells Involved in Early Carcinogenesis
H. Berman, J. Zhang, Y.G. Crawford, M.L. Gauthier, C.A. Fordyce, K. McDermott, M. Sigaroudinia, K. Kozakiewicz, and T.D. Tlsty
Epigenetic Changes in Cancer and Preneoplasia
J.G. Herman
A Genetic Approach to Cancer Epigenetics
A.P. Feinberg

Tumor Responses to Microenvironment
Microenvironmental Regulators of Tissue Structure and Function Also Regulate Tumor Induction and Progression: The Role of Extracellular Matrix and Its Degrading Enzymes
M.J. Bissell, P.A. Kenny, and D.C. Radisky
How Do Cancer Cells Acquire the Fuel Needed to Support Cell Growth?
C.B. Thompson, D.E. Bauer, J.J. Lum, G. Hatzivassiliou, W.–X. Zong, D. Ditsworth, F. Zhao, M. Buzzai, and T. Lindsten
Mitochondria and Cancer: Warburg Addressed
D.C. Wallace
Inductions of Complete Regressions of Oncogene–induced Breast Tumors in Mice
R. Benezra, E. Henke, A. Ciarrocchi, M. Ruzinova, D. Solit, N. Rosen, D. Nolan, V. Mittal, and P. de Candia
The Fibroblastic Coconspirator in Cancer Progression
M. Egeblad, L.E. Littlepage, and Z. Werb

Is Oncogene Addiction Angiogenesis–dependent?
J. Folkman and S. Ryeom
Structural Basis for the Functions of Endogenous Angiogenesis Inhibitors
M.A. Grant and R. Kalluri
VEGF Trap as a Novel Antiangiogenic Treatment Currently in Clinical Trials for Cancer and Eye Diseases, and VelociGene–based Discovery of the Next Generation of Angiogenesis Targets
J.S. Rudge, G. Thurston, S. Davis, N. Papadopoulos, N. Gale, S.J. Wiegand, and G.D. Yancopoulos

Discovering Cancer Targets
Molecular Targeted Therapy of Lung Cancer: EGFR Mutations and Response to EGFR Inhibitors
D.A. Haber, D.W. Bell, R. Sordella, E.L. Kwak, N. Godin–Heymann, S.V. Sharma, T.J. Lynch, and J. Settleman
Aberrant Gene Silencing in Tumor Progression: Implications for Control of Cancer
S.B. Baylin and W.Y. Chen
Dissecting Cancer Pathways and Vulnerabilities with RNAi
T.F. Westbrook, F. Stegmeier, and S.J. Elledge
Emerging Approaches in Molecular Profiling Affecting Oncology Drug Discovery
S.H. Friend
Screens Using RNAi and cDNA Expression as Surrogates for Genetics in Mammalian Tissue Culture Cells
J. Pearlberg, S. Degot, W. Endege, J. Park, J. Davies, E. Gelfand, J. Sawyer, A. Conery, J. Doench, W. Li, L. Gonzalez, F.M. Boyce, L. Brizuela, J. LaBaer, D. Grueneberg, and E. Harlow
Cancer Targets in the Ras Pathway
P. Rodriguez–Viciana, O. Tetsu, K. Oda, J. Okada, K. Rauen, and F. McCormick

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