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Angiogenesis: Biology and Pathology

Subject Area(s):  Developmental BiologyCell BiologyCancer Biology

Edited by Michael Klagsbrun, Children's Hospital Boston; Patricia D'Amore, Schepens Eye Research Institute

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© 2011 • 522 pp., illus. (62 4C and 11 B&W), index
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ISBN  978-1-936113-43-9
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Angiogenesis is the process by which new blood vessels are generated from preexisting vessels. It is vital for proper embryonic development, patterning of the vascular system, and wound healing. It is rate limiting in cancer progression, because the formation of new blood vessels is essential for growth and survival of tumors.

Written and edited by experts in the field, this collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine reviews the mechanisms of angiogenesis that operate in normal development and in diseases such as cancer. The contributors review the biology of endothelial cells, describing the specific roles of tip and stalk cells in vessel sprouting and lumen formation. They discuss the key angiogenic regulators (e.g., vascular endothelial growth factor [VEGF]), as well as antiangiogenic agents including microRNAs, thrombospondins, and semaphorins. Therapeutic approaches that target pathological angiogenesis, such as the ongoing clinical trials of anti-VEGF drugs, are also covered.

This volume, which includes discussions of other vascular dysfunctions (e.g., arteriovenous malformations) and comparisons between the blood vascular system and the lymphatic system, is a vital reference for developmental and cancer biologists, as well as anyone seeking to understand the biology and pathology of the vascular system.


Endothelial Cell Heterogeneity
William C. Aird
Human Endothelial Progenitor Cells
Mervin C. Yoder
VEGF-Directed Blood Vessel Patterning: From Cells to Organisms
Victoria L. Bautch
VEGF and Notch in Tip and Stalk Cell Selection
Raquel Blanco and Holger Gerhardt
Tips, Stalks, Tubes: Notch-Mediated Cell Fate Determination and Mechanisms of Tubulogenesis during Angiogenesis
Jennifer J. Tung, Ian W. Tattersall, and Jan Kitajewski
Vascular Lumen Formation
Eckhard Lammert and Jennifer Axnick
miRNAs as Modulators of Angiogenesis
Shira Landskroner-Eiger, Isabelle Moneke, and William C. Sessa
Myeloid Cells and Lymphangiogenesis
Adrian Zumsteg and Gerhard Christofori
The New Era of the Lymphatic System: No Longer Secondary to the Blood Vascular System
Inho Choi, Sunju Lee, and Young-Kwon Hong
Vascular Development in the Zebrafish
Aniket V. Gore, Kathryn Monzo, Young R. Cha, Weijun Pan, and Brant M. Weinstein
Molecular Parallels between Neural and Vascular Development
Anne Eichmann and Jean-Léon Thomas
Signal Transduction by Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptors
Sina Koch and Lena Claesson-Welsh
Vascular Hyperpermeability, Angiogenesis, and Stroma Generation
Janice A. Nagy, Ann M. Dvorak, and Harold F. Dvorak
PIGF: A Multitasking Cytokine with Disease-Restricted Activity
Mieke Dewerchin and Peter Carmeliet
The Complex Role of Angiopoietin-2 in the Angiopoietin–Tie Signaling Pathway
Gavin Thurston and Christopher Daly
Molecular Basis for the Regulation of Angiogenesis by Thrombospondin-1 and -2
Patrick R. Lawler and Jack Lawler
Semaphorins in Angiogenesis and Tumor Progression
Gera Neufeld, Adi D. Sabag, Noa Rabinovicz, and Ofra Kessler
Tumor Endothelial Cells
Andrew C. Dudley
Infantile Hemangioma—Mechanism(s) of Drug Action on a Vascular Tumor
Shoshana Greenberger and Joyce Bischoff
Endothelial Cell-to-Cell Junctions: Adhesion and Signaling in Physiology and Pathology
Maria Grazia Lampugnani
av Integrins in Angiogenesis and Cancer
Sara M. Weis and David A. Cheresh
Vascular Normalization as a Therapeutic Strategy for Malignant and Nonmalignant Disease
Shom Goel, Andus Hon-Kit Wong, and Rakesh K. Jain
Antiangiogenic Therapy for Ischemic Retinopathies
Motasem Al-Latayfeh, Paolo S. Silva, Jennifer K. Sun, and Lloyd Paul Aiello
Angiogenic Factors in Preeclampsia and Related Disorders
Ana Sofia Cerdeira and S. Ananth Karumanchi
The Role of the Tumor Microenvironment in Regulating Angiogenesis
Randolph S. Watnick
Common Polymorphisms in Angiogenesis
Michael S. Rogers and Robert J. D'Amato
Arteriovenous Malformations and Other Vascular Malformation Syndromes
Kevin J. Whitehead, Matthew C.P. Smith, and Dean Y. Li
Vascular Anomalies: From Genetics toward Models for Therapeutic Trials
Melanie Uebelhoer, Laurence M. Boon, and Miikka Vikkula
Anti-VEGF Therapies in the Clinic
Kellen L. Meadows and Herbert I. Hurwitz
The VEGF Pathway in Cancer and Disease: Responses, Resistance, and the Path Forward
Mark W. Kieran, Raghu Kalluri, and Yoon-Jae Cho