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Ahead of the Curve: Women Scientists at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Subject Area(s):  General Interest TitlesHistory of Science

By Kathleen Weston

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© 2021 • 304 pages, illustrated (56 color and 10 B&W), index
Paperback • $24.95
ISBN  978-1-621824-52-7

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The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) in Cambridge, UK is a world-leading scientific institution. This book, by LMB alumna Kathy Weston, is a collective portrait of women scientists who, as staff members, visitors, and trainees, helped build the LMB’s reputation as a powerhouse of science, often going on to stellar careers at other outstanding institutions around the world. Combining narrative history with interview transcripts and personal reminiscence, Weston’s book describes the career accomplishments of these successful scientists in the context of their lives as a whole, and how they manage goals and priorities, particularly around personal and family lives. The book provides future sisters in science with role models and inspiration but is recommended reading for everyone intent on combining success in research with a satisfying life outside science.


1: Haemoglobin
2: Tales of the unexpected
3: Structural biology, Italian style
4: Basketwork
5: Worms
6: Flies
7: Antibodies: generating diversity
8: Mapping the biological universe
9: Meiosis meets its match
10: Recipes for success
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