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NF-κB: A Network Hub Controlling Immunity, Inflammation, and Cancer

Subject Area(s):  Cell BiologyMolecular BiologyImmunology and VaccinesCancer Biology

Edited by Michael Karin, University of California, San Diego; Louis M. Staudt, National Cancer Institute

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© 2010 • 272 pp., illus. (42 color, 10 b/w), index
Trim size: 7" x 10"
Paperback •
ISBN  978-1-936113-55-2

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NF-κB is a critical signaling molecule in the immune system that regulates cell survival and cell death, lymphocyte responses, and inflammation. Acting as a transcription factor that can receive several inputs, it coordinates distinct gene expression programs in response to a wide variety of stimuli.

Written and edited by experts in the field, this Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology collection includes contributions covering the structure of NF-κB, its DNA-binding activity and specificity, the role of the inhibitor I-κB, and canonical and alternative mechanisms of NF-κB activation. The contributors examine the physiological role of NF-κB in immune cells, as well as its functions in other tissues, such as the nervous system. They also discuss work indicating that NF-κB represents a critical link between inflammation and cancer.

Including clinical perspectives on the use of NF-κB inhibitors in cancer therapy and a historical introduction by David Baltimore, in whose lab NF-κB was discovered, this volume is a vital reference for cell and molecular biologists, immunologists, and pathologists interested in regulation of cell function.


Discovering NF-κB
David Baltimore
The NF-κB Family of Transcription Factors and Its Regulation
Andrea Oeckinghaus and Sankar Ghosh
Specification of DNA Binding Activity of NF-κB Proteins
Fengyi Wan and Michael J. Lenardo
A Structural Guide to Proteins of the NF-κB Signaling Module
Tom Huxford and Gourisankar Ghosh
The IKK Complex, a Central Regulator of NF-κB Activation
Alain Israël
Ubiquitination and Degradation of the Inhibitors of NF-κB
Naama Kanarek, Nir London, Ora Schueler-Furman, and Yinon Ben-Neriah
Signaling to NF-κB: Regulation by Ubiquitination
Ingrid E. Wertz and Vishva M. Dixit
Selectivity of the NF-κB Response
Ranjan Sen and Stephen T. Smale
Control of NF-κB-dependent Transcriptional Responses by Chromatin Organization
Gioacchino Natoli
The Regulatory Logic of the NF-κB Signaling System
Ellen O’Dea and Alexander Hoffmann
Oncogenic Activation of NF-κB
Louis M. Staudt
NF-κB as a Critical Link Between Inflammation and Cancer
Michael Karin
The Nuclear Factor NF-κB Pathway in Inflammation
Toby Lawrence
Roles of the NK-κB Pathway in Lymphocyte Development and Function
Steve Gerondakis and Ulrich Siebenlist
NF-κB in the Immune Response of Drosophila
Charles Hetru and Jules A. Hoffmann
NF-κB in the Nervous System
Barbara Kaltschmidt and Christian Kaltschmidt
Use of Forward Genetics to Discover Novel Regulators of NF-κB
Tao Lu and George R. Stark