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Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis, Second Edition

Subject Area(s):  BioinformaticsBiotechnologyGenomicsGeneticsLaboratory Techniques

By David Mount, University of Arizona, Tucson

Online Features: Website

The Bioinformatics online Web site,, augments the content of Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis, Second Edition. Users of this site can: access Web sites mentioned in the book from hyperlinked versions of the relevant tables, access BioPerl, Perl, and R script programs described in the book and receive announcements about updates and additions.

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© 2004 • 665 pp., illus., appendices, index
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ISBN  978-087969712-9
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As more species' genomes are sequenced, computational analysis of these data has become increasingly important. The second, entirely updated edition of this widely praised textbook provides a comprehensive and critical examination of the computational methods needed for analyzing DNA, RNA, and protein data, as well as genomes. The book has been rewritten to make it more accessible to a wider audience, including advanced undergraduate and graduate students. New features include chapter guides and explanatory information panels and glossary terms. New chapters in this second edition cover statistical analysis of sequence alignments, computer programming for bioinformatics, and data management and mining. Practically oriented problems at the ends of chapters enhance the value of the book as a teaching resource. The book also serves as an essential reference for professionals in molecular biology, pharmaceutical, and genome laboratories.


Chapter 1. Historical Introduction and Overview
Chapter 2. Collecting and Storing Sequences in the Laboratory
Chapter 3. Alignment of Pairs of Sequences
Chapter 4. Introduction to Probability and Statistical Analysis of Sequence Alignments
Chapter 5. Multiple Sequence Alignment
Chapter 6. Sequence Database Searching for Similar Sequences
Chapter 7. Phylogenetic Prediction
Chapter 8. Prediction of RNA Secondary Structure
Chapter 9. Gene Prediction and Regulation
Chapter 10. Protein Classification and Structure Prediction
Chapter 11. Genome Analysis
Chapter 12. Bioinformatics Programming Using Perl and Perl Modules
Chapter 13. Analysis of Microarrays


review:  “In conclusion, the second edition of ‘Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis’ is an excellent textbook for bioinformatics introductory courses for both life sciences and computer science students, and a good reference for current problems in the field and the tools and methods employed in their solution.”
      —Briefings in Bioinformatics

review:  “This second edition is a qualified success. Every chapter in the second edition appears to be rewritten extensively, and three useful new chapters have been added. As a result, the new edition tops out at 692 pages, and many of the problems with the first edition have been rectified...

Overall, this second edition is a considerable improvement over the first and will be popular on the desks of many scientists as well as many students....If you find that you need a reference that covers the entire breadth of bioinformatics, you need to buy this book.”
      —Clinical Chemistry