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Navigating Metabolism

Subject Area(s):  Cell BiologyMolecular BiologyBiochemistryCancer Biology

By Navdeep Chandel, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine

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Preface and Contents
What is Metabolism?

© 2015 • 264 pp., illus. (114 color, 1 B&W), index
Hardcover •
ISBN  978-1-621820-40-6

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Complex metabolic pathway diagrams are a hallmark of many biochemistry textbooks. But what do they tell us about disease, physiology, cell signaling, aging, immunity, and gene expression? In a refreshing approach to the subject of metabolism, Navigating Metabolism provides a conceptual framework for navigating these pathways, showing how cells generate energy and synthesize cellular constituents and then further relating metabolic reactions to molecular, genetic, and signaling underpinnings. These principles are supported by copious illustrations that clearly represent metabolic reactions, making them accessible and relating them to the ways in which cells respond to stimuli to produce specific biological outcomes. The last few decades have brought metabolism to the fore, with new results suggesting that it plays a regulatory role in signaling pathways and gene expression. Viewing metabolism in this new light provides hope that it may be an avenue for providing effective prevention and targeted treatment for many of the diseases that plague us--cardiovascular, inflammatory disease, diabetes, and cancer. Authored by Navdeep Chandel, a leading investigator in the field, Navigating Metabolism is the perfect introduction to this modern view of metabolic studies.

Navdeep S. Chandel is a Professor in the Department of Medicine and Cell Biology at Northwestern University. He received a BA in Mathematics and a PhD in Cell Physiology at the University of Chicago. Dr. Chandel is well recognized for his work on the role of mitochondria as signaling organelles.


Common Abbreviations
Foreword by Craig Thompson
1 Introduction to Metabolism
2 Basics of Metabolism
3 Glycolysis
4 Mitochondria
5 NADPH—The Forgotten Reducing Equivalent
6 Carbohydrates
7 Lipids
8 Amino Acids
9 Nucleotides
10 Signaling and Metabolism
11 Metabolism of Proliferating Cells
12 Future Pathways of Metabolism Research
Analyzing Metabolism in Biological Systems by Ralph J. DeBerardinis

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