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Chromosome Segregation and Structure

(Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology LXXXII)

Subject Area(s):  Cell BiologyGeneticsCancer Biology

Edited by David Stewart, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Bruce Stillman, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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Conversations at the Symposium: Marisa Bartolomei, Steve Henikoff, and Tim Stearns

© 2018 • 426 pages, illustrated (136 color and 64 B&W), index
Hardcover •
ISBN  978-1-621822-86-8

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The 82nd Cold Spring Harbor Symposium focused on Chromosome Segregation & Structure and addressed the enormous progress in our understanding of the nature and behavior of chromosomes during the life cycle of the cell. It is rare to find such a wide-ranging perspective on this topic in one volume and this collection of papers will be valuable to investigators interested in many aspects of cell biology, genetics, and cancer. The topics covered at the meeting included Meiosis; Mitosis; Chromosome Segregation; Centrosomes and Centrioles; Ploidy, Chromosome Segregation Errors, and Disease; Asymmetric Cell Division; Nuclear Architecture; Chromosome Structure and Condensation; Sister Chromatid Cohesion; Genome Stability; and Germ Cells. Numerous speakers participated in interviews during the course of the Symposium week and transcripts of those discussions and the Dorcas Cummings lecture by David Page are included.


Symposium Participants
Chromatin, Histones, And Instability

Shaping Chromatin in the Nucleus: The Bricks and the Architects
David Sitbon, Katrina Podsypanina, Tejas Yadav, and Geneviève Almouzni

The Importance of Satellite Sequence Repression for Genome Stability
Peter Zeller and Susan M. Gasser

Structure and Epigenetic Regulation of Chromatin Fibers
Ping Chen and Guohong Li

Chromosome Biology and Genome Architecture

The Role of Bromodomain and Extraterminal Motif (BET) Proteins in Chromatin Structure
Sarah C. Hsu and Gerd A. Blobel

Emerging Evidence of Chromosome Folding by Loop Extrusion
Geoffrey Fudenberg, Nezar Abdennur, Maxim Imakaev, Anton Goloborodko and Leonid A. Mirny

SpotLearn: Convolutional Neural Network for Detection of Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) Signals in High-Throughput Imaging Approaches
Prabhakar R. Gudla, Koh Nakayama, Gianluca Pegoraro, and Tom Misteli

Centromeres and Kinetochores

Remarkable Evolutionary Plasticity of Centromeric Chromatin
Steven Henikoff, Jitendra Thakur, Sivakanthan Kasinathan, and Paul B. Talbert

Molecular Structures of Yeast Kinetochore Subcomplexes and Their Roles in Chromosome Segregation
Simon Jenni, Yoana N. Dimitrova, Roberto Valverde, Stephen M. Hinshaw, and Stephen C. Harrison

Aurora A Kinase Function at Kinetochores
Jennifer DeLuca

RotoStep: A Chromosome Dynamics Simulator Reveals Mechanisms of Loop Extrusion
Josh Lawrimore, Brandon Friedman, Ayush Doshi, and Kerry Bloom

Taming the Beast: Control of APC/CCdc20-Dependent Destruction
Pablo Lara-Gonzalez, Taekyung Kim, and Arshad Desai

Organizing Chromosomes during Segregation

Noncanonical Biogenesis of Centrioles and Basal Bodies
Catarina Nabais, Sónia Gomes Pereira, and Mónica Bettencourt-Dias

Impact of Centrosome Aberrations on Chromosome Segregation and Tissue Architecture in Cancer
Erich A. Nigg, Dominik Schnerch, and Olivier Ganier

The ABCs of Centriole Architecture: The Form and Function of Triplet Microtubules
Jennifer T. Wang and Tim Stearns

Mitotic Chromosome Assembly In Vitro: Functional Cross Talk between Nucleosomes and Condensins
Keishi Shintomi and Tatsuya Hirano

Mitosis and Cell Cycle

Spindle-to-Cortex Communication in Cleaving Frog Eggs
Timothy J. Mitchison and Christine M. Field

Nucleosome-Dependent Pathways That Control Mitotic Progression
Hironori Funabiki, Christopher Jenness, and Christian Zierhut

Knotty Problems during Mitosis: Mechanistic Insight into the Processing of Ultrafine DNA Bridges in Anaphase
Kata Sarlós, Andreas Biebricher, Erwin J.G. Petermann, Gijs J.L. Wuite, and Ian D. Hickson

Low-Level, Global Transcription during Mitosis and Dynamic Gene Reactivation during Mitotic Exit
Katherine C. Palozola, Hong Liu, Dario Nicetto, and Kenneth S. Zaret

Genome Instability as a Consequence of Defects in the Resolution of Recombination Intermediates
Stephen C. West and Ying Wai Chan


Reconstitution of Female Germ Cell Fate Determination and Meiotic Initiation in Mammals
So I. Nagaoka and Mitinori Saitou

Regulation of Crossover Frequency and Distribution during Meiotic Recombination
Takamune T. Saito and Monica P. Colaiácovo

Oocyte Quality Control: Causes, Mechanisms, and Consequences
Neil Hunter

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Centromere Drive
Michael A. Lampson and Ben E. Black

Hierarchical Regulation of Centromeric Cohesion Protection by Meikin and Shugoshin during Meiosis I
Seira Miyazaki, Jihye Kim, Takeshi Sakuno, and Yoshinori Watanabe

Germ Cells, Imprinting, Gene Dosage, and Regulation

Topologically Associating Domains in Chromosome Architecture and Gene Regulatory Landscapes during Development, Disease and Evolution
Rafael Galupa and Edith Heard

Dynamic Control of Chromosome Topology and Gene Expression by a Chromatin Modification
Qian Bian, Erika C. Anderson, Katjuša Brejc, and Barbara J. Meyer

Polytene Chromosome Structure and Somatic Genome Instability
Allan C. Spradling

Heterochromatin, Errors, And Damage

Symmetry from Asymmetry or Asymmetry from Symmetry?
Elizabeth W. Kahney, Rajesh Ranjan, Ryan J. Gleason, and Xin Chen

Function of Junk: Pericentromeric Satellite DNA in Chromosome Maintenance
Madhav Jagannathan and Yukiko M. Yamashita

Homologous Recombination and Replication Fork Protection: BRCA2 and More!
Weiran Feng and Maria Jasin

Fork Protection and Therapy Resistance in Hereditary Breast Cancer
Sharon B. Cantor and Jennifer A. Calvo


How the Genome Folds, Divides, Lives, and Dies
Whitney L. Johnson, Kathleen T. Xie Mijung Kwon, Shiwei Liu, and David Pellman
Dorcas Cummings Lecture

David Page
Conversations at the Symposium

Marisa Bartolomei

Mónica Bettencourt-Dias

Kerry Bloom

Iain Cheeseman

Monica P. Colaiácovo

Bernard de Massy

Arshad Desai

Daniel Durocher

Steve Henikoff

Martin Hetzer

Ian Hickson

Maria Jasin

Leonid Mirny

Timothy Mitchison

Tim Stearns

Aaron Straight

Yukiko Yamashita

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