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The Development of Drosophila melanogaster

Subject Area(s):  Developmental BiologyCell BiologyDrosophila melanogaster

Edited by Michael Bate, University of Cambridge; Alfonso Martinez Arias, University of Cambridge

© 1993 • 1,564 pp. (2-volume set), illus., indexes
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ISBN  978-087969899-7
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The fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster offers the most powerful means of studying embryonic development in eukaryotes. New information from many different organ systems has accumulated rapidly in the past decade. This monograph, written by the most distinguished workers in the field, is the most authoritative and comprehensive synthesis of Drosophila developmental biology available and emphasizes the insights gained by molecular and genetic analysis. In two volumes, it is a lavishly illustrated, elegantly designed reference work illustrating principles of genetic regulation of embryogenesis that may apply to other eukaryotes.


1. Developmental Genetics of Oogenesis
Allan C. Spradling
2. Spermatogenesis
Margaret T. Fuller
3. Mitosis and Morphogenesis in the Drosophila Embryo: Point and Counterpoint
Victoria E. Foe, Garrett M. Odell, and Bruce A. Edgar
4. Maternal Control of Anterior Development in the Drosophila Embryo
Wolfgang Driever
5. Pole Plasm and the Posterior Group Genes
Daniel St. Johnston
6. The Terminal System of Axis Determination in the Drosophila Embryo
Frank Sprenger and Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard
7. Maternal Control of Dorsal-Ventral Polarity and Pattern in the Embryo
Rebecca Chasan and Kathryn V. Anderson
8. Gastrulation in Drosophila: Cellular Mechanisms of Morphogenetic Movements
Michael Costa, Dari Sweeton, and Eric Wieschaus
9. Blastoderm Segmentation
Michael J. Pankratz and Herbert Jäckle
10. Development and Patterning of the Larval Epidermis of Drosophila
Alfonso Martinez Arias
11. Development of the Drosophila Tracheal System
Gerard Manning and Mark A. Krasnow
12. The Terminal Regions of the Body Pattern
Gerd Jürgens and Volker Hartenstein

13. Imaginal Disc Development
Stephen M. Cohen
14. The Metamorphic Development of the Adult Epidermis
Dianne Fristrom and James W. Fristrom
15. Hormones and Drosophila Development
Lynn M. Riddiford
16. The Alimentary Canal
Helen Skaer
17. The Mesoderm and Its Derivatives
Michael Bate
18. Early Neurogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster
José A. Campos-Ortega
19. Embryonic Development of the Drosophila Central Nervous System
Corey S. Goodman and Chris Q. Doe
20. The Peripheral Nervous System
Yuh Nung Jan and Lily Yeh Jan
21. Formation of the Adult Nervous System
James W. Truman, Barbara J. Taylor, and Timothy A. Awad
22. Pattern Formation in the Drosophila Retina
Tanya Wolff and Donald F. Ready
23. Genetic Dissection of Eye Development in Drosophila
Barry Dickson and Ernst Hafen
24. The Development of the Optic Lobe
Ian A. Meinertzhagen and Thomas E. Hanson
Michael Ashburner
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