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Faces of the Genome

Subject Area(s):  Genomics

Edited by Ludmila Pollock, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; W. Richard McCombie, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Jan A. Witkowski, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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sketch of David Botstein; accompanying bio
sketch of Elaine Mardis; accompanying bio

© 2018 • 131 pages, illustrated (62 color), index
Paperback •
ISBN  978-1-621822-93-6

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This book celebrates scientists who are explorers of the vast arrays of genes (“genomes”) that underpin the biology of humans and every other organism.

The drawings are by the renowned Australian artist, Lewis Miller. Each is accompanied by an essay on the accomplishments and personality of the sitter, written by another distinguished scientist.

This book portrays, in pencil and prose, 62 outstanding scientists who have had an extraordinary influence on our current understanding of biology, evolution, and medical science.


About the Artist
Mark Adams, by Ham Smith
Michael Ashburner, by Gerry Rubin
Bernard Barataud, by Daniel Cohen
David Bentley, by Eric Green
Ewan Birney, by Jim Watson
Helmut Blöcker, by Rick Wilson
David Botstein, by Eric Lander
Sydney Brenner, by Gerry Rubin
C. Thomas Caskey, by Richard Gibbs
Aravinda Chakravarti, by Evan Eichler
Ellson Chen, by Dick McCombie
Daniel Cohen, by Maynard Olson
Francis S. Collins, by Eric Lander
Alan Coulson, by John Sulston
David R. Cox, by Rick Myers
Charles DeLisi, by David Lipman
Richard Durbin, by Jane Rogers
Evan Eichler, by Aravinda Chakravarti
Claire M. Fraser, by Dick McCombie
Richard A. Gibbs, by Maynard Olson
Walter Gilbert, by Jim Watson
Eric D. Green, by Maynard Olson
Philip Green, by Maynard Olson
Mark S. Guyer, by Francis S. Collins
David Haussler, by Richard Gibbs
Cheryl Heiner, by Mike Hunkapiller
LaDeana Hillier, by Bob Waterston
Leroy E. Hood, by Richard Wilson
Michael Hunkapiller, by Elaine Mardis
Jeannine Gocyane Illig, by Claire Fraser
Elke Jordan, by David Botstein
William James Kent, by David Haussler
Eric S. Lander, by David Botstein
David J. Lipman, by Phil Green
Elaine Mardis, by Bruce Roe
Marco Marra, by LaDeana Hillier
W. Richard McCombie, by Rick Wilson
John D. McPherson, by Francis S. Collins
Michael Morgan, by Jan Witkowski
Eugene W. Myers, by J. Craig Venter
Richard M. Myers, by Maynard Olson
Maynard V. Olson, by Eric Green
David C. Page, by Jan Witkowski
Aristedes Patrinos, by Charles DeLisi
Bruce A. Roe, by Elaine Mardis
Jane Rogers, by Alan Coulson
Edward M. Rubin, by Mark Adams
Gerald M. Rubin, by Mark Adams
Yoshiyuki Sakaki, by Michael Morgan
Frederick Sanger, by Sydney Brenner
Hamilton O. Smith, by Mark Adams
Lincoln D. Stein, by John McPherson
John Sulston, by Bob Waterston
J. Craig Venter, by Ham Smith
Michael S. Waterman, by Charles DeLisi
Robert H. Waterston, by John Sulston
James D. Watson, by Maynard Olson
Jean Weissenbach, by David Botstein
Nancy S. Wexler, by Francis S. Collins
Richard K. Wilson, by Elaine Mardis
James B. Wyngaarden, by Jim Watson
Huanming (Henry) Yang, by Michael Morgan
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