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RNA Control and Regulation

(Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology LXXXIV)

Subject Area(s):  BiotechnologyMolecular BiologyGeneticsBiochemistry

Edited by Terri Grodzicker, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; David Stewart, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Bruce Stillman, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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Conversations at the Symposium: David Bartel, Adrian Krainer, and Feng Zhang

© 2020 • 310 pages, illustrated (91 color and 61 B&W), index
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Previous Cold Spring Harbor Symposia have addressed many different aspects of RNA biology such as Mechanisms of Transcription (1998), The Ribosome (2001), Epigenetics (2004) and Regulatory RNAs (2006). The 84th Cold Spring Harbor Symposium focused on RNA Control & Regulation and provided a current synthesis of the enormous progress in our understanding of RNA’s influence on cells and organisms and how, when aberrant, its effects may contribute to the progression of disease. It is rare to find such a wide-ranging perspective on this topic in one volume and this collection of papers will be valuable to investigators in many fields. The topics covered at the meeting included: RNA-Based Structures; RNA Modifications; Nuclear Localization of RNA; Quality Control & Editing; RNA & Gene Regulation; Cotranscriptional Splicing; Intron/Exon Boundaries; Alternative Polyadenylation; Transposon Control; Small Noncoding RNAs; Long Noncoding RNAs; RNA & Development; Membrane-Less Organelles; Phase Separation; RNA-Based Diseases; and Novel RNA Functions. Numerous speakers participated in interviews during the course of the Symposium week and this volume includes transcripts of those discussions and the Dorcas Cummings lecture, for the general public, which was given by Dr. Jennifer Doudna.


Symposium Participants
Global Analyses and Structures
Zipcode Binding Protein 1 (ZBP1; IGF2BP1): A Model for Sequence-Specific RNA Regulation
Jeetayu Biswas, Leti Nunez, Sulagna Das, Young J. Yoon, Carolina Eliscovich, and Robert H. Singer
Pre-mRNA Splicing in the Nuclear Landscape
Tucker J. Carrocci and Karla M. Neugebauer
Recognition of Poly(A) RNA through Its Intrinsic Helical Structure
Terence T.L. Tang and Lori A. Passmore
Subcellular Spatial Transcriptomes: Emerging Frontier for Understanding Gene Regulation
Furqan M. Fazal and Howard Y. Chang
Gene Regulation
Transcriptional Coactivator PGC-1a Binding to Newly Synthesized RNAvia CBP80: A Nexus for Co- and Posttranscriptional Gene Regulation
Xavier Rambout, Hana Cho, and Lynne E. Maquat
Mechanistic Dissection of RNA-Binding Proteins in Regulated Gene Expression at Chromatin Levels
Jia-Yu Chen, Do-Hwan Lim, and Xiang-Dong Fu
Linking RNA Processing and Function
Run-Wen Yao, Chu-Xiao Liu, and Ling-Ling Chen
Attenuation of Eukaryotic Protein-Coding Gene Expression via Premature Transcription Termination
Deirdre C. Tatomer and Jeremy E. Wilusz
Regulation of RNA Functions
3′ UTRs Regulate Protein Functions by Providing a Nurturing Niche during Protein Synthesis
Christine Mayr
The THO Complex as a Paradigm for the Prevention of Cotranscriptional R-Loops
Rosa Luna, Ana G. Rondón, Carmen Pérez-Calero, Irene Salas-Armenteros, and Andrés Aguilera
U1 snRNP Telescripting Roles in Transcription and Its Mechanism
Chao Di, Byung Ran So, Zhiqiang Cai, Chie Arai, Jingqi Duan, and Gideon Dreyfuss
Functional and Mechanistic Interplay of Host and Viral Alternative Splicing Regulation during Influenza Infection
Matthew G. Thompson and Kristen W. Lynch
Chromatin and RNA
Small RNA Function in Plants: From Chromatin to the Next Generation
Jean-Sébastian Parent, Filipe Borges, Atsushi Shimada, and Robert A. Martienssen
A Nuclear RNA Degradation Pathway Helps Silence Polycomb/H3K27me3-Marked Loci in Caenorhabditis elegans
Anna Mattout, Dimos Gaidatzis, Véronique Kalck, and Susan M. Gasser
To Process or to Decay: A Mechanistic View of the Nuclear RNA Exosome
Mahesh Lingaraju, Jan M. Schuller, Sebastian Falk, Piotr Gerlach, Fabien Bonneau, Jérôme Basquin, Christian Benda, and Elena Conti
Long Noncoding RNAs in Development and Regeneration of the Neural Lineage
Hadas Hezroni, Rotem Ben Tov Perry, and Igor Ulitsky
Small RNAs and Defense Systems
How Complementary Targets Expose the microRNA 3′ End for Tailing and Trimming during Target-Directed microRNA Degradation
Paulina Pawlica, Jessica Sheu-Gruttadauria, Ian J. MacRae, and Joan A. Steitz
Dicer’s Helicase Domain: A Meeting Place for Regulatory Proteins
Sarah R. Hansen, Adedeji M. Aderounmu, Helen M. Donelick, and Brenda L. Bass
Reconstitution of siRNA Biogenesis In Vitro: Novel Reaction Mechanisms and RNA Channeling in the RNA-Directed DNA Methylation Pathway
Jasleen Singh and Craig S. Pikaard
Membraneless Bodies and Phase Separation
RNP Granule Formation: Lessons from P-Bodies and Stress Granules
Giulia Ada Corbet and Roy Parker
Biophysical Properties of HP1-Mediated Heterochromatin
Serena Sanulli, John D. Gross, and Geeta J. Narlikar
Architectural RNAs for Membraneless Nuclear Body Formation
Tomohiro Yamazaki, Shinichi Nakagawa, and Tetsuro Hirose
Myriad RNAs and RNA-Binding Proteins Control Cell Functions, Explain Diseases, and Guide New Therapies
Byung Ran So and Gideon Dreyfuss
Dorcas Cummings Lecture
Dorcas Cummings Lecture
Jennifer Doudna
Conversations at the Symposium
Karen Adelman
Andrés Aguilera
David Bartel
Ling-Ling Chen
Caroline Dean
Susan Gasser
Samie Jaffrey
Leemor Joshua-Tor
Alberto Kornblihtt
Adrian Krainer
Lynne Maquat
Karla Neugebauer
Nicholas Proudfoot
Oliver Rando
Phillip Sharp
Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla
Igor Ulitsky
Jeremy Wilusz
Feng Zhang
Author Index
Subject Index