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Auxin Signaling: From Synthesis to Systems Biology

Subject Area(s):  BiochemistryPlant Biology

Edited by Mark Estelle, University of California, San Diego; Dolf Weijers, Wageningen University, The Netherlands; Karin Ljung, Umeå Plant Science Centre, Umeå, Sweden; Ottoline Leyser, University of York, United Kingdom

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© 2011 • 253 pp., illus. (36 color, 13 b/w), index
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Auxin is an important plant hormone that controls numerous aspects of development and physiology, including responses to light, tissue patterning, and organogenesis. It forms concentration gradients across various tissues throughout the plant and exerts its effects by binding to auxin binding proteins and regulating transcription of distinct sets of target genes.

Written and edited by experts in the field, this collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology describes the numerous processes auxin controls. These include growth of the shoot apical meristem, leaf and vein patterning, and flower, fruit, and root development. Other chapters examine how auxin is synthesized by plants, the nature of auxin receptors, the Aux/IAA family of transcriptional repressors that auxin regulates, and the variety of auxin transport mechanisms that exist in plants.

The book also examines the extraordinary complexity of auxin responses and discusses new computational models for mechanisms that allow this hormone to generate such a wide variety of outputs. It is thus of interest to systems biologists, biochemists, and developmental biologists, as well as all plant biologists interested in the regulation of plant behavior and morphogenesis.


Odyssey of Auxin
Steffen Abel and Athanasios Theologis
Approaching Cellular and Molecular Resolution of Auxin Biosynthesis and Metabolism
Jennifer Normanly
Auxin Transporters—Why So Many?
Eva Zažímalová, Angus S. Murphy, Haibing Yang, Klára Hoyerová, and Petr Hošek
Auxin Perception—Structural Insights
Luz Irina Calderon-Villalobos, Xu Tan, Ning Zheng, and Mark Estelle
Cellular Responses to Auxin: Division versus Expansion
Catherine Perrot-Rechenmann
Modeling Auxin-regulated Development
Pawel Krupinski and Henrik Jönsson
Auxin Control of Embryo Patterning
Barbara Möller and Dolf Weijers
Auxin at the Shoot Apical Meristem
Teva Vernoux, Fabrice Besnard, and Jan Traas
Auxin Control of Root Development
Paul Overvoorde, Hidehiro Fukaki, and Tom Beeckman
Control of Leaf and Vein Development by Auxin
Enrico Scarpella, Michalis Barkoulas, and Miltos Tsiantis
Distinct and Dynamic Auxin Activities During Reproductive Development
Eva Sundberg and Lars Østergaard
Auxin and Monocot Development
Paula McSteen
Do Trees Grow on Money? Auxin as the Currency of the Cellular Economy
Jodi L. Stewart and Jennifer L. Nemhauser
Context, Specificity, and Self-Organization in Auxin Response
Marta Del Bianco and Stefan Kepinski
Integration of Light and Auxin Signaling
Karen J. Halliday, Jaime F. Martínez-García, and Eve-Marie Josse
Auxin and Plant-Microbe Interactions
Stijn Spaepen and Jos Vanderleyden


review:  “...each chapter in Auxin Signaling is truly remarkable: well written and easy to follow, providing sufficiently detailed yet understandable descriptions of complex concepts, and allowing a glimpse at the experimental procedures behind them. The authors have succeeded in producing a volume that could be extremely useful for a graduate student pursuing a research career in plant biology and most certainly, for more experienced scientists who wish to gain comprehensive knowledge of the current state of auxin research.”

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