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Bioelectronic Medicine

Book Series:  A Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine Collection
Subject Area(s):  Biotechnology

Edited by Valentin A. Pavlov, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research; Kevin J. Tracey, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Due July 2019 • 300 pages (approx.), illustrated, index
Hardcover • $135 94.50
ISBN  978-1-621823-02-5
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Electronic devices can now be used to analyze and modulate the electrical activity within the nervous system. This book explores how development of these devices is leading to new diagnostics and treatment options for patients.


Bioelectronic Medicine: Principles and Mechanisms
Kevin J. Tracey
Restoring Movement in Paralyzed Limbs: Future Directions and Challenges
Chad E. Bouton
Recording and Decoding of Peripheral Neural Signals Related to Changes in Physiological Parameters and Biomarkers of Disease
Theodoros P. Zanos
Closed-Loop Neuromodulation in Physiological and Translational Research
Stavros Zanos
The Use of Bioelectronics in the Gastrointestinal Tract
Larry Miller, Aydin Farajidavar, and Anil Vegesna
Opportunities for Bioelectronics Medicine in the Setting of Acute Life-Threatening Deterioration and Emergencies
Lance Becker
Electromagnetic Regulation of Cell Activity
Sarah A. Stanley and Jeffrey M. Friedman
Empirically Based Guidelines for Selecting Vagus Nerve Stimulation Parameters in Epilepsy and Heart Failure
Eric D. Musselman, Nicole A. Pelot, and Warren M. Grill
Harnessing the Cholinergic Inflammatory Reflex with Neurostimulation
Mike Faltys and Yaakov Levine
The Vagus Nerve as a Sensor-Actuator Network: A Computer Science Perspective
Christopher I. Connolly, Matthew Crossley, Patrick D. Lincoln, Carolyn Talcott, and Maneesh Yadav
Peder Olofsson and Michael Eberhardson
Vagus Nerve Stimulation at the Interface of Brain–Gut Interactions
Bruno Bonaz, Valérie Sinniger, and Sonia Pellissier
Technobiology's Enabler: The Magnetoelectric Nanoparticle
Sakhrat Khizroev
Enteric Neuromodulation for the Gut and Beyond
Yogi A. Patel and Prankaj J. Pasricha
Alternative Methods for Noninvasive Neuromodulation of the Peripheral Nervous System Using Ultrasound
Christopher Puleo and Victoria Cotero
Bioelectronic Medicine—Ethical Concerns
Samuel Packer, Nicholas Mercado, and Anita Haridat
Small Heat Shock Proteins, Amyloid Fibrils, and Nicotine Stimulate a Common Immune Suppressive Pathway with Implications for Future Therapies
Jonathan B. Rothbard, Michael P. Kurnellas, Shalina S. Ousman, Sara Brownell, Jesse J. Rothbard, and Lawrence Steinman
Bioelectronic Approaches to Control Neuroimmune Interactions in Acute Kidney Injury
Tsuyoshi Inoue, Shinji Tanaka, Diane L. Rosin, and Mark D. Okusa
Optogenetic Medicine: Synthetic Therapeutic Solutions Precision-Guided by Light
Haifeng Ye and Martin Fussenegger
Microscale and Nanoscale Electrophotonic Diagnostic Devices
Kaiyu Fu, Wei Xu, Jenny Hu, Arielle Lopez, and Paul W. Bohn
Diabetes Technology: Monitoring, Analytics, and Optimal Control
Boris Kovatchev
Optogenetic Control of the Peripheral Nervous System
Rui B. Chang
Electrical Impedance Methods in Neuromuscular Assessment: An Overview
Seward Rutkove and Benjamin Sanchez