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Calcium Signaling

Subject Area(s):  Cell BiologyBiochemistry

Edited by Martin D. Bootman, The Babraham Institute; Michael J. Berridge, The Babraham Institute; James W. Putney, National Institutes of Health; H. Llewelyn Roderick, The Babraham Institute

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© 2011 • 499 pp., illus. (71 4C color images and 11 B&W images), index
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ISBN  978-0-87969-903-1
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Calcium ions play a critical role in signaling in a wide variety of cells and tissues, including muscle, immune cells, neurons, the liver, and oocytes. They can enter the cytoplasm from the extracellular environment or from intracellular stores and control the activity of numerous enzymes, other signaling molecules, transcription factors, and cytoskeletal components.

Written and edited by experts in the field, this collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology explores the channels and pumps that transport calcium between different compartments and the regulation of calcium fluxes. The contributors discuss calcium buffers and sensors and how these produce distinct spatiotemporal calcium signals in different circumstances.

Including discussions of calcium signaling during development and normal physiology, as well as perturbed signaling in diseases such as diabetes, neurodegeneration, and atherosclerosis, the volume is an indispensable reference for biochemists, cell and developmental biologists, and physiologists seeking a comprehensive treatment of calcium biology.


Calcium Entry
Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels
William A. Catterall
The Role of Transient Receptor Potential Cation Channels in Ca2+ Signaling
Maarten Gees, Barbara Colsoul, and Bernd Nilius
Store-Operated Calcium Channels: New Perspectives on Mechanism and Function
Richard S. Lewis
mGluR1/TRPC3-Mediated Synaptic Transmission and Calcium Signaling in Mammalian Central Neurons
Jana Hartmann, Horst A. Henning, and Arthur Konnerth
Calcium Release
Ryanodine Receptors: Structure, Expression, Molecular Details, and Function in Calcium Release
Johanna T. Lanner, Dimitra K. Georgiou, Aditya D. Joshi, and Susan L. Hamilton
IP3 Receptors: Toward Understanding Their Activation
Colin W. Taylor and Stephen C. Tovey
NAADP Receptors
Antony Galione
Calcium Oscillations
Geneviéve Dupont, Laurent Combettes, Gary S. Bird, and James W. Putney
Calcium Buffers and Pumps
Cytosolic Ca2+ Buffers
Beat Schwaller
Organellar Calcium Buffers
Daniel Prins and Marek Michalak
The Plasma Membrane Ca2+ ATPase and the Plasma Membrane Sodium Calcium Exchanger Cooperate in the Regulation of Cell Calcium
Marisa Brini and Ernesto Carafoli
The Ca2+ Pumps of the Endoplasmic Reticulum and Golgi Apparatus
Ilse Vandecaetsbeek, Peter Vangheluwe, Luc Raeymaekers, Frank Wuytack, and Jo Vanoevelen
Proteins Mediating Effects of Calcium
The Diversity of Calcium Sensor Proteins in the Regulation of Neuronal Function
Hannah V. McCue, Lee P. Haynes, and Robert D. Burgoyne
Regulation by Ca2+-Signaling Pathways of Adenylyl Cyclases
Michelle L. Halls and Dermot M.F. Cooper
Protein Kinase C: The “Masters” of Calcium and Lipid
Peter Lipp and Gregor Reither
Physiological Processes Regulated by Calcium
Ca2+ Signaling During Mammalian Fertilization: Requirements, Players, and Adaptations
Takuya Wakai, Veerle Vanderheyden, and Rafael A. Fissore
Calcium Signaling in Neuronal Development
Sheila S. Rosenberg and Nicholas C. Spitzer
Visualization of Ca2+ Signaling During Embryonic Skeletal Muscle Formation in Vertebrates
Sarah E. Webb and Andrew L. Miller
Calcium Signaling in Synapse-to-Nucleus Communication
Anna M. Hagenston and Hilmar Bading
Calcium Signaling in Cardiac Myocytes
Claire J. Fearnley, H. Llewelyn Roderick, and Martin D. Bootman
Calcium Signaling in Smooth Muscle
David C. Hill-Eubanks, Matthias E. Werner, Thomas J. Heppner, and Mark T. Nelson
Calcium in Cell Death and Disease
Apoptosis and Autophagy: Decoding Calcium Signals that Mediate Life or Death
Michael W. Harr and Clark W. Distelhorst
Endoplasmic-Reticulum Calcium Depletion and Disease
Djalila Mekahli, Geert Bultynck, Jan B. Parys, Humbert De Smedt, and Ludwig Missiaen