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Epilepsy: The Biology of a Spectrum Disorder

Book Series:  A Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine Collection
Subject Area(s):  Human Biology and DiseaseNeurobiology

Edited by Jeffrey L. Noebels, Baylor College of Medicine; Gregory L. Holmes, University of Vermont College of Medicine

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© 2016 • 459 pages, illustrated (43 color, 17 B&W), index
Hardcover •
ISBN  978-1-621820-94-9

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Epilepsy is due to abnormal signaling of neurons in the brain that can cause seizures. It is a common condition, affecting at least 3% of individuals at some point during their life. The seizures are difficult to predict and, in a significant fraction of patients, refractory to current medical interventions.

Written and edited by experts in the field, this collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine includes contributions covering all aspects of epilepsy, its causes, pathophysiology, clinical characteristics, comorbidities, and treatment. Contributors discuss the genetic, developmental, and environmental triggers of recurrent seizures; molecular changes (e.g., epigenetic modifications) that are associated with epileptogenesis; and the aberrant ion channels and neuronal networks involved. Clinical aspects of the disease (diagnosis, classification, and treatments) are reviewed, as are common comorbidities (e.g., depression and cognitive disorders). Recent advances in drug development and surgical techniques aimed at reducing the morbidity and mortality of patients with epilepsy are also described.

The authors highlight current challenges in the field of epilepsy, with the goal of assisting others in formulating relevant research questions. This volume is therefore a vital reference not only for scientists and clinicians currently working in the field, but for all neuroscientists seeking to explore new research directions.


Epilepsy: A Spectrum Disorder
Joseph I. Sirven
Seizures and Epilepsy: An Overview for Neuroscientists
Carl E. Stafstrom and Lionel Carmant
Status Epilepticus
Syndi Seinfeld, Howard P. Goodkin, and Shlomo Shinnar
Asia Pitkänen, Katarzyna Kukasiuk, F. Edward Dudek, and Kevin J. Staley
Epigenetics and Epilepsy
David C. Henshall and Katja Kobow
Initiation, Propagation, and Termination of Partial (Focal) Seizures
Marco de Curtis and Massimo Avoli
Malformations of Cortical Development and Epilepsy
A. James Barkovich, William B. Dobyns, and Renzo Guerrini
mTOR Signaling in Epilepsy: Insights from Malformations of Cortical Development
Peter B. Crino
Role of Astrocytes in Epilepsy
Douglas A. Coulter and Christian Steinhäuser
Immunity and Inflammation in Epilepsy
Annamaria Vezzani, Bethan Lang, and Eleonora Aronica
Neonatal and Infantile Epilepsy: Acquired and Genetic Models
Aristea S. Galanopoulou and Solomon L. Moshé
Role of Sodium Channels in Epilepsy
David I. Kaplan, Lori L. Isom, and Steven Petrou
Potassium Channels in Epilepsy
Rüdiger Köhling and Jakob Wolfart
The Role of Calcium Channels in Epilepsy
Sanjeev Rajakulendran and Michael G. Hanna
Hyperpolarization-Activated Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated (HCN) Channels in Epilepsy
Gary P. Brennan, Tallie Z. Baram, and Nicholas P. Poolos
GABAergic Synchronization in Epilepsy
Roustem Khazipov
Glutamatergic Mechanisms Associated with Seizures and Epilepsy
Melissa Barker-Haliski and H. Steve White
Microcircuits in Epilepsy: Heterogeneity and Hub Cells in Network Synchronization
Anh Bui, Hannah K. Kim, Mattia Maroso, and Ivan Soltesz
The Diathesis-Epilepsy Model: How Past Events Impact the Development of Epilepsy and Comorbidities
Christophe Bernard
Single-Gene Determinants of Epilepsy Comorbidity
Jeffrey L. Noebels
Mechanisms Responsible for Cognitive Impairment in Epilepsy
Pierre-Pascal Lenck-Santini and Rodney C. Scott
Common Mechanisms Underlying Epileptogenesis and the Comorbidities of Epilepsy
Andrey Mazarati and Raman Sankar
Epilepsy and Autism
Ashura W. Buckley and Gregory L. Holmes
Mechanisms of Action of Antiseizure Drugs and the Ketogenic Diet
Michael A. Rogawski, Wolfgang Löscher, and Jong M. Rho
Interneuron Transplantation as a Treatment for Epilepsy
Robert F. Hunt and Scott C. Baraban
The Epilepsy Spectrum: Targeting Future Research Challenges
Gregory L. Holmes and Jeffrey L. Noebels